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Discovery Elm

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Niverville Memorial Forest Program

In partnership with Niverville Communities in Bloom and the Town of Niverville, the Memorial Forest in Hespeler Park & the Dog Park is accepting donations of memorial trees with plaques.      

Deadline: Setpember 30th 

Cost per tree: $300+tax



The purpose of the Memorial Forest Program is to provide an opportunity for citizens here and abroad to commemorate the life of a loved one in a special way by planting a tree.

A living tree is symbolic of a new beginning and a living tribute. As one life ends, a new life begins. By planting a tree, you not only pay a significant tribute to the life of a loved one, but you also benefit the community by providing natural beautification and enhanced forest cover which ensures the preservation of nature for our future generations.

A memorial plaque is placed at the foot of each tree with wording:
In Memory of ____________. Month/Year of Birth & Month/Year of Death. By Donor __________.

The donor of the tree is invited to help plant the tree on the annual planting day in mid-May.

The program is not restricted to citizens of Niverville. Surrounding community members are welcome to participate. Family or friends living abroad may donate a tree in memory of a loved one who lived in Niverville or area. More than one tree may be planted in memory of an individual.

The Forest is administered by the Town of Niverville Recreation Department

The Memorial Forest is located in the southwest area of Hespeler Park and the Dog Park in Niverville.

An annual dedication service will be conducted outdoors in the spring at the Memorial Forest.

The species and location of the trees are determined by the Town of Niverville. To minimize potential disease issues, a variety of tree species will be selected and planted. As a result, the choice of species and location may be limited.  

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Outdoor - Memorial Forest Program
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