Tai Chi Level 1/2 (Beginner Class)

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Commencing on April 2, 2019

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Tai Chi - April 1 - May 27

General discount
$100.00 per ticket

Event Details

Tai Chi- Level 1/2 (Beginner Class, pending returning registrations)

Instructor: Marshall Garland

Date: Mondays, April 1st - May 27th, No Class May 20th

Time: 8:00-9:00 PM

Cost: $100 +GST

Tai Chi Benefits:

  • Boost cardiovascular health
  • Improve your balance for fall prevention
  • Increase your energy flow to increase vitality
  • Fine-tune your coordination
  • Lubricate your joints to alleviate arthritis
  • Stretch gently and align your spine to improve posture
  • Improve lung capacity and decrease stress
  • Enhance your focus for mental clarity

Class Requirements:

  • wear loose, comfortable clothing, and shoes or runners
  • bring some water or tea to sip on so you keep hydrated
  • chairs will be available for those who want to participate but have problems doing the exercises while standing


ABOUT YANG STYLE TAI CHI, Simplified 24-Form

​In 1956, the Chinese Sports Committee recognized the need to provide exercise for the physical and mental well-being of the general population of factory and office workers in a modern industrial state. The Committee assembled a team of four Taiji instructors who were given the task of developing an effective, yet easy-to-learn exercise routine.

​They created Simplified 24-Form Yang Style Taiji, a routine that takes about six minutes to perform, is easy and quick to learn, and has the desired health benefits. It is based on the Yang Style Long Form which has 108 moves, and despite being distilled down to only 24 moves, practitioners experience the essential elements and traditional flavour of Taijiquan.

​Actively promoted by the People's Republic of China as a general health exercise since the 1950s, Simplified 24-Form Yang Style Taiji is today's most widely practiced Taiji both in China and throughout the world.


Please note any refund requests must be made prior to the registration deadline of March 25th, 2019. 


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Programs - Tai Chi Level 1/2 (Beginner Class)
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Tai Chi Level 1/2 (Beginner Class)
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